Hello Boys & Girls,

I hope you are enjoying my website and you are excited to come visit me and my friends at the castle soon.
The castle was filled with wonderful characters and some of my friends came to see me. They were very excited about the castle. Many Enniscorthy people came for lovely chats about the town and drank tea. Check out my selfie with Queen Elsa and Olaf who also visited the castle.
Elsa wanted to cover the castle in ice but I told her it would be too cold so I think she will add a small touch of magic instead. Olaf wanted lots of fires burning. He makes me chuckle alot.


I was also chatting to the wonderful people of Treacys Hotel close to the castle. They are very excited of my visit and want people to visit from far and wide. “If the little boys and girls want a sleepover their Gran can come for free too! So all the family can enjoy their trip to the castle!” said Sharon, Treacys very own elf.
What a wonderful idea and would make it very special! Have a look at their lovely offers.
Gran’s Visit

I’m off to sneak into the kitchen now when Mrs Claus is having a nap. She has just baked another big batch of gingerbread biscuits and will go down very nicely with a big cup of hot chocolate. Ssssh don’t tell her though. HoHoHo!

Santa Claus