Ho Ho Hello again everyone.

What a response we’ve had to our return, I can’t believe our spaces are already over 80% fully booked up.

We’re not complaining – we’re so excited to see all the boys and girls again, and boy do we have something special planned for 2018.

If you aren’t sure what to expect from my tour, keep reading! Without giving too much away, allow me to give you an insight into what magic truly goes on within the walls of my Enchanted Castle.

What makes Santa’s Enchanted Castle so magical for all of the family is the element of surprise when you walk into each of the decoratively themed rooms. Every room has its own unique theme and you are guaranteed to be in constant awe, no matter what age, as you climb through the castle. We’ve gathered up some new recruits this year too – it wasn’t easy but when we explained how much fun we’ve had in County Wexford over the years, everyone was delighted to join us.

First up on the list is the Little Mermaid. Because Santa’s Enchanted Castle is full of magic, we were able to transform some of the first floor into a colourful, under water coral reef – no need to hold your breath but I’d watch out for the octopus.

From under the sea to rustling trees, Smelfie the Elf will guide the group to 100 Acre Wood. Winnie the Pooh is finding it hard to stay awake as Winter is usually when he hibernates. So, there might be a little help needed from you boys and girls to wake Winnie up into action. Not to worry, Piglet and Tigger will be there too lend a hand too.

I hope you remember to bring your hat and scarf because we’re taking you way back in time to the Ice Age. Scrat needs your help finding his favourite acorn because unfortunately, Sid hasn’t been much of a help.

School’s out for Christmas! But not for the elves who are busy studying in Elf University. They have lots of things to learn before the big trip around the world on December 24th like how to build the infamous Baby Shark, mapping Santa’s route and checking the “Nice List”.

We’ve still got the festive favourites on the agenda too such as Mrs. Claus’ Traditional Sweet Shop where there’s a bag of traditional sweets and juice for the kids and a tea/coffee and festive snack for the grown ups. Children can still post their Santa Letter, play with Lego, check out a Christmas movie, sing some carols or hear a Christmas story too. We’ve some extra special surprises and sweet treats in store along the way but we’ll keep those a secret until you arrive.

So there you have it, a keyhole peak into Santa’s Enchanted Castle. If you want to find out details about dates, times, booking or maybe even hotel packages, check out www.santasenchantedcastle.ie

I better be off, the elves are trying to sneak some of the sweets from Mrs. Claus’ Traditional Sweet Shop. What am I going to do with them!

See you soon,

Santa Claus