Sensitive Santa Tour 2020

On some very special dates, we will have a newly designed Santa’s Enchanted Castle Sensitive Santa Tour. With a maximum of 6 children per group, this tour has been specially designed and adapted for children with special needs.

We have set aside specific tours specially designed to support the sensory, physical and (other) developmental needs of children so they can enjoy a magical Santa Visit.
Starting with a visual Social Story, our guide will explain and show the boys and girls who they will meet and what they will see in each magical room throughout the castle. Themed rooms for 2019 include The Greatest Showman, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin as well as a magical UV Lion King experience.

Each child will have the opportunity to fully experience the magic of Santa’s Enchanted Castle but in a gentle environment.

Our gentle characters will be trained and we will have a qualified Special Needs Assistant as part of the experience to support the children and help them to grow in confidence throughout the magical tour.


Children €20

Adults €10

Dates include:

To be confirmed.

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