Welcome! Welcome! Boys & Girls

To the blog I have created to tell you all my stories and adventures right here in Enniscorthy Castle!

We are very busy at the moment getting everything together so my busy little Elves can do all their work to make the rest of the toys for Christmas. Mrs Claus is busy in the kitchen making some very yummy gingerbread men for us all to eat. Mind you she might need help decorating so many of them for everyone to enjoy.

I am very much looking forward to you visiting us all here in the castle. You might come across a grumpy little man counting money but I bet if you tell him a joke you can make him laugh along too. Hohoho!

Uh oh there was a a big crash in the Elve’s workshop. They are setting up some of the machines from the North Pole. I better go investigate and use a bit of magic to fix it. Then feed my reindeer up on the roof as they have been travelling quite a bit from the North Pole.

I hope you enjoy the site and keep popping by for my stories and pictures over the next few months.

Remember to stay on my good list! Ho Ho Hoooo!

Santa Claus