Hello boys and girls,

The elves are getting very busy and things are really heating up in their workshop. Don’t worry though, it’s still cold outside and there’s plenty of snow up here in the North Pole. It’s a bit of a relief for me to see them getting busy. When those elves have time on their hands they get up to all sorts of mischief playing tricks on me and poor Mrs Claus. In fact, last week, Halloween in the North Pole involved more tricks than treats!
How about you? Did you go trick or treating? I’m sure you had lots of fun.

Now, that Halloween is over there’s only one big day to think about…25th December.
I bet a lot of you are busy making your Christmas wish lists and deciding on what you would like for Christmas. My good old friend, the Red Robin has been telling me he has seen some of you looking through the toy catalogues to help you make your decisions. He even said he saw some of you writing your letters. I cannot wait to read them. It’s one of my favourite jobs to do at Christmas. I’ve even got a few letters already, it was a lovely surprise.

Only a few weeks to go until I see you all for your Santa experience in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. I really cannot wait to see you all and to visit Enniscorthy Castle again this year. I had so much fun last year and Mrs Claus is still talking about how much she enjoyed meeting you all in her Traditional Sweet Shop.

I hear some of you are making a weekend of it and have booked your santa visit as part of the Hotel’s Sleepover Packages. What a wonderful idea !
I look forward to hearing all about the Hotel that you are staying in when I meet you in the Castle. Mrs Claus and I are always looking for Hotel recommendations for a little break in January when things are a bit quieter. I must ask Digital Elf to have a look on

Sleep Over

and book one of those lovely hotels in Wexford.

See you all soon and keep an eye out for my friend, the Red Robin,

Santa, Ho Ho Ho