Hello Everyone,

Again, it’s coming to my busy time of the year and it won’t be long till Myself, the lovely Mrs Claus, Smelfie the Elf and his Merry Crew are making their way to Enniscorthy Castle. We are loading up all our tools and packing our bags as we speak. My most trusted Elf (Not Smelfie !) is getting the Magic Toy Machine ready to transport to the Castle. We are all so excited for our return to Enniscorthy to see all the girls and boys.

There will be so much to see and do in the Castle. The Elves and the grumpy Mr Scrooge (if we can tear him away from his money) will be giving you the grand tour of the Castle. You will see the Elves Workshop and the Magical Toy Machine. Be careful not to distract the Elves too much, they just love an excuse to take a break and chat, but with so many toys to make, we haven’t a moment to spare !

The Elves will take you through the Enchanted Forest where you will see some of my Disney friends. You will also be able to sneak into the Elves Bedroom and wake the elves. Ho Ho Ho. You will also get to visit the Frozen room, the Post room and then into Mrs Claus Sweet Shop, where she has  the most yummy treats. If you are really good, she will tell you a story.

Lastly, you will get to visit me and I can’t wait to meet you all. My Magic Selfie Mirror is being polished as we speak and getting ready to be transported to Enniscorthy Castle. The Elves are forever taking pictures of themselves – they just love the camera.

Well better get back to work. Lots of packing and organising to be done in advance of our Trip to Enniscorthy.

Bye Bye for now and remember to stay on the good list.

Santa Claus


PS – Mrs Claus and Rudolph say hello.