Hello again to all my dear friends in Ireland,

What a wonderful few days Mrs Claus, the elves and I have had in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. It has been so much fun meeting all of you and I hear you’ve also enjoyed it too. I did ask Digital Elf to give a look at Santa’s Enchanted Castle Facebook page to see how you all enjoyed your visit to the castle and wow, I thought my eyes were acting up because all I was seeing were stars! Lots and lots of stars.
I heard some of you saying that Santa’s Enchanted Castle was the “best Santa [you] have ever been too” and it was a “magical, fantastical place to meet with Santa” and a “brilliant Santa experience for kids and parents”. I am so delighted you were all so happy to see me and that you enjoyed your visit.

When we got back to the North Pole the reindeers were exhausted from the trip. They took a little break from training the next day. Myself and Mrs Claus did too and had a little snooze…Zzzz. The elves were straight back to work in the workshop though. It’s so busy there at the moment and the work must go on.

What a team I have, and what a surprise I got when we got back to the North Pole and they showed me a video they had been working on over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all your happy faces in Enniscorthy Castle. Digital Elf is going to help me ‘link’ the video
to my letter. I think I’m learning a thing or two about blogging in my old age, ho ho ho!

To all the boys and girls that I haven’t met yet, I am very much looking forward to seeing you all. I hope you are too.

Lots of Love,
Santa, Ho Ho Ho