Hello again to all my friends in Ireland,

We are getting busy up here in the North Pole. Our summer days of rest and relaxation are a distant memory. Much like you too, as I know some of you have all been very busy in your new classes in school. I’ve had a little word with some of your teachers and I was delighted to hear you are working
very hard at school and being kind to all your friends. And what about the boys and girls that started in preschool or big school this year? I am so proud of how grown up you have become. You are learning so much everyday. Well done! I promised your teachers I would check in again soon to see if everyone is keeping up the good work.

In my last letter I mentioned some very special evenings that are taking place in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford that I am really looking forward to. I am going to be meeting some very special children on our Sensitive Santa Tour. I know that some of you can find loud noises, big crowds and
unexpected surprises a little bit overwhelming. I don’t blame you to be honest. At my age I feel exactly the same! That is why we have a very special evening planned for you. I hear it’s going to be the best Santa experience for children with special needs that Wexford has ever seen. It has been developed especially for children with ASD and sensory processing needs and their families. We’ll leave the hustle and bustle that Christmas can sometimes bring behind.

You and your family will be able to come to Enniscorthy Castle and meet me in a relaxed and calm environment – just the way Mrs Claus and I like it. The evening will begin with a Social Story to help you to understand all the wonderful things you are going to be seeing and doing during your tour. You and your family will then be able to explore all the magical experiences that Santa’s Enchanted Castle has to offer, including some of my favourites, like Willy Wonka’s delicious Chocolate Factory and of course Mrs Claus’ Sweet Shop where you will be able to use your magic coins. I even heard some of the Paw Patrol puppies are taking some time off from their busy rescue work to meet you all.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon,

Santa, Ho Ho Ho